Latrabjarg Birds and Nature photographic workshop

On this workshop we will be going to Latrabjarg witch is located in the west coast of Iceland, this is a 5 day

workshop. Here we have beautiful cliffs, sandy beaches, beautiful waterfalls and seabirds in all colors.

We will be leaving Reykjavik together on at 9:30 am arriving at the hotel Latrabjarg in the afternoon.

There we will meet Karl and Sirry our hosts and taken to our accommodations.

Please contact us:                           for more information or call.


4 Nights, single or double bed.

Breakfast and Evening dinner. No alcohol beverages incl.

One on One Guidance and Group Guidance.

Transportation from Reykjavik to location and on location

and back to Reykjavik.

Start/Finish: Starting from Reykjavik at 9:30

Deposit: 300 Euros per person

Group size: 2 - 4 persons

Fitness level: Easy access to most locations. Some beach walking and hiking required.

Equipment needed: Film and/or Digital SLR camera. Tripod, neutral density and graduated filters is good.

Where we stay:: Hotel Latrabjarg.

Departure::From Hotel Latrabjarg and arriving  in Reykjavik about 18:00

During our time together:

Latrabjarg and the West fjords have many beautiful and scenic

locations, we will be visiting many of them during our five day stay.

Our locations include, Latrabjarg, Raudisandur, the beautiful waterfall Dynjandi, Vatnsfjordur, Flokalundur, Skalmadalur and more.

We will choose our locations upon the light but you are free to spend

time on your own if you wish, or even just stay and relax at your hotel.


Euros 1650 per person

june - July

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Light on Iceland

Photos from earlier Latrabjarg Birds and Nature Photographic Workshops

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