Odd Stefan Photographic Studio


I am a professional photographer

based in Reykjavik Iceland. I studied

photography in Lyon, France and

my background is most diverse and

inspiring. I specialize in advertising,

commercial and location photography

and nature photography.

Some of my corporate and editorial

clients include most of the largest and smallest companies here in Iceland. My assignments have also taken me to Europe and America. I have worked for many different clients for example; Alfa Laval, Alcan, Arrowstreet architects, Body Shop, Britain’s next top model, Dencon, Hertz, Hotel Radison Sas, Ikea, Ilva, Komatsu, Land Rover, Maersk, Porche, Range Rover,  Subway, Triad communications, Wurth and many more.

Nature has always been a passion of mine. I am very excited about our photographic workshops. For more information about taking your camera on the road with us please see the itinerary under Workshops. I´d would love to hear from you - whether you have a general enquiry about any of the trips, or if you wish to book.


About me

Odd Stefan Photographic studios - Grettisgata 50 - 101 Reykjavik - Iceland - Tel. +354 551 4507 Mobile +354 897 9874  odd@vortex.is

Iceland is a very scenic place with

open spaces containing stunning

landscape, and captivating light.

The photographic workshops are

focused on the nature and travel.

You don’t have to be an experienced photographer to join in,

all you need is enthusiasm and

willingness to spend a day, weekend or up to a week of quality time with

an incredible landscape, enjoying

the art of photography. 

Latest Nature photo shots

Photographic safaris

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